Category: Human Rights

To build a mosque or not to build a mosque? That is the question. Controversy surrounds the building of a mosque and Muslim community center near what was the World Trade Center. It is easy to understand why some would be outraged this building. Since 9/11, Islam has not been a welcomed faith in America. Opponents of the mosque and community center denounce the plans as a way for Muslims to “plant their flag” on the graves of those who were killed in the attacks. Or feed into the idea that this is just another foothold for Islam to convert America.

The first claim is simply unfounded. While there are radical sects in every religion, the majority of Muslims, especially those in America, practice Islam no more radically than Christians do. The second claim is a fear that Christianity will no longer be the majority religion in America and that it will have to compete with Islam to convert the non-believer. Or even the belief that Islam is the only religion with the quest to convert all non-Muslims… do people forget that one of the major ideas in Christianity is to “spread the good news?”

This being said, I can safely say I support the building of this mosque and the building of mosques anywhere. Not because I am a closet Muslim, but because I am a firm supporter in religious freedom. It is this constitutionally protected right that allows me to choose to live a secular life, and while I may not agree with those who worship a deity, I support their freedom to do so and to admit they do so. We are having an important discussion where America will ultimately choose either to stand for its Freedoms it claims to protect or to put them aside in favor of Theocratic rulings. The latter choice possibly leading to the disintegration of the USA into a Christian version of the Middle East with the fighting between sects to match.


Watching CNN today, I became enraged when I saw the results of a poll that showed 1 out of 5 Americans believe that President Obama is a Muslim. Now don’t get me wrong, I have no ill feelings towards Muslims. But when a person tells you they are a member of a certain faith, don’t you think they’d be telling you the truth? Especially when they are in a very public office. Apparently, religious freedom applies to all Americans except the President.

This does, however, bring an important issue to the attention of Americans. Why does it matter what religion our politicians cling to? It is not like one certain religion has a good track record of providing corruption-free ,infallible leaders. I think it’s time to speak up for ourselves and denounce religious views as a “prerequisite” for running for office. Americans should be above this debate, but unfortunately they are proving otherwise. We need to encourage each other to wake up, do our own research, check our sources and stop allowing others to think for us. Laziness and being passive about it allows the fanatics to walk all over you and claim your quiet vote as theirs.

Wake up America.