Watching CNN today, I became enraged when I saw the results of a poll that showed 1 out of 5 Americans believe that President Obama is a Muslim. Now don’t get me wrong, I have no ill feelings towards Muslims. But when a person tells you they are a member of a certain faith, don’t you think they’d be telling you the truth? Especially when they are in a very public office. Apparently, religious freedom applies to all Americans except the President.

This does, however, bring an important issue to the attention of Americans. Why does it matter what religion our politicians cling to? It is not like one certain religion has a good track record of providing corruption-free ,infallible leaders. I think it’s time to speak up for ourselves and denounce religious views as a “prerequisite” for running for office. Americans should be above this debate, but unfortunately they are proving otherwise. We need to encourage each other to wake up, do our own research, check our sources and stop allowing others to think for us. Laziness and being passive about it allows the fanatics to walk all over you and claim your quiet vote as theirs.

Wake up America.